Beats Only September 2018

Beats Only September 2018

Beats Only September 2018 edition with rolling updates and additions. Instrumental hip-hop.

Enjoy selections from our submission inbox and our Beats Only Spotify playlist. Thanks for helping us reach 1,400 followers on Spotify!

Lamia “Synchronicity”
One of my favorite parts of screening music is when you hear something new, from an artist new to me… that’s really dope. Definitely into the vibe on Synchronicity. This is it.

JPatz “Avo Beats”
We screen a lot of music every week. We’ve heard it all over the last 21 years. So, when we get something that really piques our interest… it’s a welcome departure from the norm (lots of subpar rap songs). JPatz drops off a really diverse but yet cohesive beat tape “Avo Beats”. Several tracks caught our ear… have a listen to the full tape below and let us know which tracks strike you.

E Dot “Bad News”
Soulful sounds over boom bap drums. Another quality instrumental piece from E Dot.

Abase “Skeme Goes All City”
Lots of movement here on this piece. Full on jazzy goodness. Fan of Glasper? Listen now.

Budapest-born producer and keyboardist Szabolcs Bognar kicks off new collaborative jazz project Àbáse with debut single “Skeme Goes All City”.

B L U|e “Risen Dough”
Yet another head nodder from Dutch producer B L U|e. Digging how this one moves.

Radicule. “Throwaway Dunks (G-Leaguee.)”
Boom bap + lofi goodness from a frequently featured producer on Beats Only. It’s a short track that leaves us wanting more. A full tape released this month. Check it out.

Atreesto “Shiki Shiki”
A little funky and a little soulful, this Samurai Champloo track had our heads nodding. At barely over 90 seconds, this left us wanting to hear more. Press play.

Imperial “Layers”
Finally. After years of hoping… we’ve got an instrumental album from Imperial. It’s a gem. Listen now.

Ohmega Watts “Dropping Gems”
A SOHH favorite drops a surprise EP! Ohmega Watts is back with Dropping Gems, a project that showcases his trademark approach to sampling soulful records.

Behind the Beat “Foggy”
French producer sends a standard jazzhop track. It’s simplicity is what makes the track a repeatable one. Dusty jazzy vibes.

Llich “Slow at Dawn”
Guitar driven chill out track from Llich (Spain). He shares, ” I thought it would be perfect to listen to this song while slowly driving and seeing the sun rise, passing the palm trees.”

Logic Marselis “Star World”
This producer reminds me a little bit of Theory Hazit. He lists his inspirations as: Dibia$e, RZA, madlib, Q-Tip, knx. Have a listen and tell us what you think.

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