Beats Only June 2018

Beats Only June 2018

Beats Only June 2018 edition with rolling updates and additions. Instrumental hip-hop.

Enjoy selections from our submission inbox and our Beats Only Spotify playlist. Thanks for helping us reach 1,200 followers on Spotify!

Ohmega Watts “Emeralds”
A SOHH favorite drops a surprise single! Ohmega Watts is back with Emeralds, a single that showcases his trademark approach to sampling soulful records. This looks to be the first in a series of several new singles.

TwoDaystoAlaska “Beginnings”
Revisiting this one today. TwoDaystoAlaska sent a newer mix but it’s listed as a “private” stream. Either way, this is one of our favorite instrumental tracks from the Cult Classic Records label. Here is the older original mix:

Violentlyill “Divine”
Another dope submission from Violentlyill. Really into how this one develops. Had my head nodding for the duration.

Naanva “Rivulet”
This is the first submission we’ve screened by producer Naanva. Rivulet is a 4 track EP that’s jazz driven with touches of blues.

Liam.M “I Don’t Need It”
We’ve featured Liam.M several times in the past (6 and counting I believe)… he always delivers. This is another head nodder.

Tonga “First Things First”
Mellow. Lofi. Soulful. This is a relaxing new instrumental track from Tonga.

Tonga is a multi-instrumentalist/producer out of San Diego. Born into a musical family, he was influenced by an early and constant exposure to various styles of music: Motown, reggae, jazz, and his father’s own Polynesian fusion music.

Bluestaeb “Alright”
Bossa Nova rhythms and trap drums… this works well here. It reminds me a little bit of Sango. This is a newly release single via Jakarta Records from his upcoming release Everything Is Always a Process.

lifeoftheo “oh.”
First appearance here on Beats Only for lifeoftheo. This lofi instrumental has a lot of character. Many lofi tracks tend to trend towards being too repetitive but “oh.” bucks that trend. The beat change at the tail end has us waiting to hear what’s next…

Jacob Hoskins “Slowly”
Always love a well chopped soul sample. It’s easy to get lost in this track.

finofresko. “nine lives”
Head nods are strong with this one. It’s a short piece at only a minute but quickly captured my attention.

Soul Choppa “Sunset”
Dusty soulful golden era boom bap. This is a stylistic nod to Pete Rock and other golden era production. Really nice vibes on this.

Ben Fairey “Temples (Castle1 Remix)”
Castle1 sends a super chilled instrumental / remix of “Temples”. This kept our attention and left us wanting more. Nice track! Castle1 draws inspiration from Nujabes, DJ Mitsu and Fat Jon.

Byzantine “Serotonin Transplant”
There is a lot going on here, but not to the detriment of the piece. It’s apparent that this producer has a unique vision in place when they sit down to produce tracks.

Deca “Petrified Forest”
Unapologetically boom bap. This is a new single from Flux by NYC-based artist/producer, Deca. It’s indicative of what you can expect to hear on the rest of the Flux album.

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