PREMIERE: Teck-Zilla “Soul Buttah” beat tape

Soul Buttah beat tape by Teck Zilla

We’re proud to present a streaming premiere for Teck-Zilla’s Soul Buttah beat tape.

Nigerian-based producer Teck-Zilla delivers a new beat tape that can be best described by the words used in its title. Soul Buttah is exactly that—a project boasting soulful, buttery smooth instrumentals that blend classic Boom bap with modern, trap-leaning sounds for something wholly unique.

Soul Buttah is more than the latest beat tape from Teck-Zilla, though. It also represents his career coming full circle, as it’s the direct sequel to his debut, Souled Off: A Dedication to Molly Molls. It’s also the second of three tapes he plans on dropping this year (peep JetSoul Musique from earlier this year if you’ve been sleeping).

Musically, Soul Buttah carries Teck’s tradition of marrying different sounds to make one that’s all his own. And while we could praise each individual joint on here, it’s those with beat-switches like “Soul Buttah Medley” and “Northwood Soul” that are sure to pull you in during a cursory spin. That’s all part of Teck’s plan, of course. He created “Northwood Soul” as he was “looking for that laid-back feel but with tiny switch-ups and all that.”

The “all that” he’s referring to are what make the track so immediately engaging, because it feels like you’re listening to the producer creating it on the spot. It’s an experimental, jolting listen, and it’s just one of the reasons heads are sure to love diggin’ into each portion of Soul Buttah.

Soul Buttah is now available through all major digital retailers and streaming platforms via Str8Buttah Productions!

Soul Buttah Tracklist
1. Soul Intro
2. Beat Cheese
3. Soul Buttah Medley
4. Butterfly Dreams
5. To Damita Jo, with Love
6. Northwood Soul
7. Soul Retro
8. Sugars and Butters

Audio: Soul Buttah

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