Ozay Moore and Stro Elliot collab on Good single

Good single by Ozay Moore

The Good single is the first drop from Ozay Moore’s In the Wake of O album (Illect Recordings). Production by Stro Elliot of The Roots.

There’s a fine line between desire and discontent, it’s common to confuse the two, the thirst for more ain’t ever quenched.”

That is unless it is tempered with gratitude and a value system and associated with achieving status and/or the acquisition of things. I am working on resisting urges. Especially those that don’t support through this I’ve accepted in my life. To live simple, to live honest, to live reverent of God, to live sacrificial, to live mindful and healthy… to me this is “good”. And all realness though, it is a process and requires a great deal of self examination. Good is a proclamation of what I know to be true and serves as a reminder in times where my priorities are in order. I strive to prioritize God, family, and community in that sequence. Hopefully somewhere in there I can give the people Good music.

Audio: Good single

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