Beats Only November 2017

Beats Only November 2017

Beats Only November 2017 edition with rolling updates and additions. Instrumental hip-hop.

Enjoy selections from our submission inbox and our Beats Only Spotify playlist.

VIOLENTLYILL “Clairvoyance (feat. DJ Koncept)”
This is dope. Video is awesome too. Ambient chilled out dreamy melodic hip-hop. DJ Koncept features on the cuts.

Johny Holiday “Kiss Dollar”
Swiss producer sends another nice track “Kiss Dollar”. It’s nice to see this producers submissions cross the inbox. No duds so far.

Inducive Music Group “Non+”
Jazzy boom bap hip-hop littered with vocal samples and scratches. It’s an easy listen.

Tubo “Lean 2.0”
Exceptionally chilled groove on this one. It’s from Tubo’s Ubuntu Tunes beat tape. Wait for the surprise about 2/3 of the way through.

Radicule “Blue Lotus”
Lofi chill instrumental hip-hop. A bit of Madlib and Flying Lotus feel on this one.

FulKost “I Guess We Went The Wrong Way”
FulKost is a 21 year old, MC, songwriter and producer from Coventry, UK. This track is very chill. Some of the better lofi hip-hop we’ve heard this week. Lean back, enjoy.

GEO “Flax Pond”
This song was created as a response to the divorce of his parents. It’s easy to hear and feel the emotion on this one. The vocal samples help tell the story.

CarnivoreBeatz “The Punisher”
This feels like it’s just waiting on someone to wreck it with some bars. Yet another producer from Switzerland dropping some heat in our inbox. Grimey boom bap.

marviltron “Garden”
The birds are chirping. It’s summer time. A good day for a casual stroll through the neighborhood. This is the soundtrack.

Llich “blue.”
Llich is a producer from Spain. This one is mellow lo-fi chill. Clocking in at 5 minutes, it manages to stay interesting throughout.

Edgar Cards “In The Desert Sun”
Jazzy instrumental hip-hop track from producer Edgar Cards. Love the standup bass on this one. We need more of that in beats.

The Intangiblez “Drones”
Dark. Sci-Fi instrumental hip-hop. Sounds menacing and would be at home on a movie soundtrack (video game?) about zombies or something. It’s a bit more trap heavy than we normally run but, it’s a nice piece. Check it out.

melobird “Indigo”
Moody hip-hop beat. Lo-fi chill from Belgium based producer. The intro part carries a bit too long but sets the tone for the rest of the track.

David Shouji “Tachi”
Swedish producer David Shouji sends a mildy dark feeling track with trap drums. Lots of emotion on this one. It’d feel well at home in a visual or even with lyrics.

TJonez “[3] Untitled.”
Jazzy tones mixed with trap style drum programming. Lots of character and movement in this one.

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