Nomis “Rise, Fall, Rise Again”

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We’re big fans of Nomis and also Kick the Concrete. “Rise, Fall, Rise Again” is a piece the two just released.

Here is an excerpt…

While I fully endorse the idea of pursuing your passions, I now feel equally passionate about having intentional moments of thankfulness for whatever progress is made along the way. The reality is that most people never fully commit to chasing their dreams. For those who do, many of them never actually capture it. And for the few fortunate enough to grasp this thing they’ve been working so diligently towards, an even smaller amount get to keep it for the long term. Whether it’s divine intervention or good old-fashioned cause and effect, life has a tendency to derail our plans. It is imperative that we acknowledge the process and recognize the small victories along the way.

And another…

I met Propaganda, Odd Thomas, and Braille all separately through completely different avenues, but all around the same time frame. I linked with Prop through our mutual friend Capture of Future Shock. Caps was putting a project together called Audio Engine. In its inception, it was kind of a supergroup album comprised of Caps, Prop, Sareem Poems (LA Symphony), and myself. This was back in 2007. I was a fan of all of their music at the time but surprisingly I turned down the offer to be a part of the project. Many years later, Prop and I finally collaborated on my album, Socially Just (more on that later). I met Thomas probably a year later through another artist named Dan Smith (“The Listener”). I hosted a show in my old boss’s living room and Thomas was the opener for the tour. I knew who he was from his old crew Science Project, but we had never met. He showed up and honestly, he tore the roof off that night. I met Braille because he was touring heavily around that time and I was probably at every show he did in San Diego. After many introductions, we connected on the message boards. At that time, Braille was labelmates with an MC named Kaboose who I eventually was touring with. I have a million stories like this, yet you might not have ever heard my name.

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