Stream TheKnuBlack single “Finesse”

Finesse by TheKnuBlack

TheKnuBlack is a crew we’ve been into for a while. We’re excited to share their single “Finesse” with you.

TheKnuBlack are an alternative rap duo formed by KnuOrigen and Kay Sade. Together they fuse Christ-inspired storytelling with soulfully-exciting instrumentals and captivating delivery in order to produce truly innovative music. TKB likes to believe that they represent a tribe of people who tend to find themselves on the outside of what’s cool or popular (they call these people Bantus, named after a black hairstyle that is often unwelcome). In light of this they decided to make their own rules and playgrounds where everyone can belong and, if they so desire, they can interact with the divine.

With all the above in mind, Finesse is all about executing one’s God-given ability with ease or “finesse” with the understanding that it is indeed God-given. The song poses as a typical braggadocios hip-hop track but, upon closer listen, fans can hear TKB establish the divine as the source of their ability. The song belongs to TKB’s upcoming album Ohana which is set to release in the Fall.

Audio: Finesse

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