PREMIERE: TheKnuBlack “The Kids That Can” (video)

The Kids That Can video by TheKnuBlack

We’re excited to premiere “The Kids That Can” music video from hip-hop duo TheKnuBlack.

The group shared with us what inspired them to create the track:

The song was inspired by a feeling of being boxed in from the conversations concerning music and art. At the time we wrote it, many artists were wrestling with their identity concerning what genre or sub-genre they will be a part of. From our observations, oftentimes choosing one takes the form of rejecting another. We decided to side-step that conversation by saying we can do what we want. We can “fly with the eagles and still dance with the penguins” in the words of Knu or “we are Tritan, Neptune AND Poseidon, all in one” in the words of Sade. At the end of the day our gifts are God-given so all our choices should be God-honoring. But the funny thing is that exactly at the point that we desire to honor God is the same point that the possibilities become limitless and we find ourselves saying “we are the kids that can” do all things.

Video: The Kids That Can

Video was shot, directed and edited by iMinikon.

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