BaySide Wreckers drop single & announce Cardio-Selections

BaySide Wreckers

New Territory for Aussie Hip Hop Artists Bayside Wreckers

Jabs and DJ Bobby Digital, from Bayside Wreckers, mark a new phase in Aussie hip hop with the upcoming release of their new dance influenced EP, “Cardio Selections.” Their latest single, “One Time” has it’s official release this month, followed by the EP in July.

Having been a part of the Sydney hip hop scene for ten years, this latest EP sees them moving into new territory, with a strong dance influence, but staying true to the raw hip hop sound that is the Bayside Wreckers.

As always, the new work has Jabs on Vocals and DJ Bobby Digital on the beats, but both the guys collaborated for the writing of “Cardio Selections”. Vocalist Laura Munro has added depth to the new material, with her smooth yet powerful vocals.

Although the writing process may have differed on the latest tunes, the live shows sees the beats controlled by DJ Bobby Digital and the MC duties fall mainly to Jabs.

This release may be a departure of sorts from traditional Bayside Wreckers’ material, but the crowd engagement and high-energy shows the boys are famous for, are strengthened by the new material.

Loyal fans will find the first single “One Time,” fits right in with the group’s previous style, with a rough edged traditional hip hop sound. “One Time” is a song about trust, and a tip of the hat to the group’s loyal fan following. It is a promise from Jabs and Bobby to never betray the fans and family that have supported them in their careers to date.

Pick up “One Time” at iTunes and stream at Apple Music and Spotify.

“Be A Person” with it’s strong lyrical content, typical of Bayside Wreckers, charts new territory with it’s high energy electro dance track. The track hints at new direction in the local scene with its harmonious crossing of genres. It is a motivational story of staying true to yourself despite pressure and influence of others and the media. Laura’s vocals cut through the deep beats to provide a powerful crescendo to the song.

About Bayside Wreckers
Bayside Wreckers are a “two man entertainment machine” performing across Sydney and New South Wales, with performances at The Big Day Out (2010 & 2013) and Uprock (2014). Cardio Selection is the third release in the series following “Financial Review” in 2011 and 2013’s “Bayside”.


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