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Australia (Canberra) based hip hop artist BRB hits hard with relevant and spontaneous freestyles and inspirational lyrics delivered with a distinctively smooth flow.

Originally from the US with South American heritage and now based in Australia, BRB combines US east coast flow with a west coast flair in a laid back Aussie style.

Cleverly written lyrics coupled with powerful freestyles result in his entertaining and moving songs. Able to play rhythm and percussion with original tracks and his own DJ work for remixes and cuts BRB brings a powerful duo of beats and rhymes together into one.

The BRB 3B is a collaborative hip hop collective of artistic shades, light and dark and many colors in between.

The project is a journey, from bumping along to fresh beats, to questions on the deeper things of life to straight battle rapping and lyrical prowess.

“Shook”, featuring the renowned KJ-52, is upbeat and flamboyant, full of life and color. It begins as a track of intrigue and mystery that ends with the question ‘what leaves you shook?’ KJ-52 rides the beat with his unique twang with verses jammed full of punch lines. BRB brings smooth delivery and both artists point to a hope that goes beyond the moments that leave you shaken. Fresh cuts and elements from the remix of “Shook Ones Part II” by Mobb Deep give the track a deep twist.

“Devil’s Playground”, featuring Cas Metah of the Scribbling Idiots, is a pensive thriller, dark and foreboding that ushers a word of warning. This is a pensive and contemplative track reminiscing on the darker side of life. Bad choices, haunting memories, temptation and trickery: a timely warning that the devil doesn’t enter the cyph unless he tries to take your life. Cas Metah of the Scribbling Idiots means business, using his strong gravelly tones as he ushers a call to persevere and press on regardless of what the devil throws your way. BRB heralds a warning and battle for truth with lyrics woven with wisdom, teaching warfare to corner any emcee.

“I Am Thunder, I Am War” is a battle cry forged with the talented Izzy and is a small taste of the many hours Izzy and BRB have spent freestyling and in cyphers together. This is a track of lyrical prowess. Izzy and BRB flaunt minds full of clever and crafty lyrics in quick witted fashion while rocking the beat on the top of the track. A playful boom-bap song with a catchy hook. The boys have thrown down the gauntlet.

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