MALEX and Kassy Levels release Savage single

MALEX Savage single

MALEX, who received a Grammy for his work as a mix engineer on Eminem’s The Marshall Mathers LP 2, has released the Savage single featuring Season 15 American Idol finalist Kassy Levels.

The ILLECT Recordings track is available on iTunes, Amazon, Apple Music, Bandcamp, Google Play, Spotify and other digital outlets.

The concept of savage is coming to a realization of a seemingly good relationship and realizing that the feelings that you thought you had were incorrect.

The other person had the ideal image that everything was going in the right direction, but with the abrupt end to their love, the first person perspective has a feeling of sympathy and sees themselves as something that they never thought they could be due to the fact that all the promises they made to their lover have become null and dry…

In life, we make promises and commitments outside of the purpose that may or may have not been part of the life that was written out for us. We create a false sense of intimacy based on what we filter intimacy to be. Every action we take affects the next person, and we must not be a people that become desensitized to the things that we think we aren’t capable of, because we all are never too far from falling short. Our promises and our words will always return void, but operating out of a true love that never fails will lead you and guide you into a relationship that will bring life abundant.

Audio: Savage single

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