Armond WakeUp releases East St Louis, IL (Santorini Greece Freestyle)

Santorini Greece Freestyle by Armond WakeUp

Armond WakeUp drops the Santorini Greece Freestyle to tide us over until his Illect Recordings debut is complete.

This verse was originally for my album…well, the 1st 8 bars of it. I’ve been learning this balance of the reality of my current situations & what speaking the Word does. I’ve been beginning to give bad theologies over to the Lord; things I would use to self sabotage & keep myself in a more manageable place. That place where I could control & manipulate as I saw fit. Places the Lord didn’t wanna waste His time going to. Per usual, the Author of Time decided to wait me out; He knew that mindset would eventually tire me out & I’m finally beginning to suck air. My prayer has been to believe God even when my circumstances or my feelings don’t line up. Eventually something has to bend; & if God’s word never fails…I’m gonna bet on black.

My father & I spent Thanksgiving in St Louis this year & it was emotionally draining. I saw places I grew up reduced to absolutely nothing. Gentrification. History erased. I went to East St Louis & saw a once thriving community as a ghost town. While Ross used Santorini Greece as a backdrop for elegance & opulence, I wanted to use the same canvas to paint a picture of doing the dirty work. Why are we going to 3rd world countries, when we have 3rd world cities here? There’s plenty of work for everybody. Here’s mine.

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Santorini Greece Freestyle