J.Murph Releases 10 Track EP, Chapters Radio

Chapters Radio by J. Murph

Chapters Radio is a new collection of tracks from J.Murph. We think you will enjoy the jazzy/soul/boom bap vibes on this one.

Audio: Chapters Radio

Chapter(s) radio started as a monthly series of singles that followed the release of The Attic Sessions back in March .

The Attic Sessions documented a year of life in the third ward ward of Houston,TX and was recorded in an attic space like the name suggest. The songs and skits share the story of the ups and downs of that year and the previous year leading to the move.

Chapter(s) radio was meant to expound on this narrative on a monthly basis after the transition from Houston back to my native town Eustis, Florida. A lot has happened and the chapter(s) eventually became a project of its own.

Each song, whether retrospect or present day either tells a story or journals the growth experienced over time.

Sonically the “(drumma tapp demos)” were loose vibe boom-bap percussion filled tracks that felt good and nicely glued everything together.

The artwork was reflective of the feel the project offers upon listening, coupled with a brighter narrative reminiscent of the “Sunshine State” itself.