Orijin Asks How Much Is Enough

Enough video by Orijin

LSTNFND Music artist Orijin released a new music video entitled “Enough” on Friday, November 25th, 2016. The song speaks directly against the allure of prestige and love of money, a timely theme given Black Friday which is one of the most anticipated weekends in Canada and the United States.

Filmed in the Junction district in West Toronto, “Enough” features a visual backdrop of Joel Richardson’s iconic mural depicting the facelessness of global capitalism. However, the song delves into a deeper topic: what is our definition of “enough”?

Enough shares my ongoing battle of defining what “enough” means in my life. I think we all face pressure to perform and measure up to a certain status in life. Without even realizing it, we can start depending on our bank accounts and Linkedin profiles to prove to the world that we’re worth something. I wanted to express the tension of navigating a world driven by wealth and prestige while believing that in God’s eyes, I am already enough.” said Orijin.

“Enough,” which features Hector Silva and produced by Jeremy Rodney-Hall, was featured on Orijin’s 2016 release “Re:Percussions” which features artists such as label-mate Mark Durksen, Jon Corbin, Shad and more.

The “Enough” single is available for sale on Bandcamp and iTunes, and for stream on Spotify.

Orijin – Enough Video