Marz Ferrer “Blur (feat. JGivens)”

Marz Ferrer

Marz Ferrer just dropped a new single from her forthcoming Blur EP. This one features a guest verse from JGivens.

Marz Ferrer is a Bronx-based singer songwriter. She uses her ethereal yet gritty voice to portray the disorienting, overwhelming and ultimately satisfying experience of encountering love.

Marz draws from an appreciation of classic rock and a hip hop tinted production — she is from the Bronx! — while exploring love lost (“Alright”), found (“Blur“) and fully realized (“Take Me Away”, “Incredible”). Blur is equal parts experimental and approachable, a delight to any listener seeking an eclectic new entry into the baroque-pop scene.

If you dig what you hear, be sure to support Marz Ferrer on iTunes.

Stream: Marz Ferrer “Blur (feat. JGivens)”


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