Imperial and KINETIK “Go Hard (feat. Tone Richardson)” music video

Imperial and KINETIK have done it again on this funny music video. Check it out. Download the “Pencils Not Pistols” EP at Bandcamp.

Are you lacking in motivation? Have you dropped the ball on your New Year resolutions already? Were you hit hard by the January blues? If you can answer “yes” to any of those questions, then we have exactly what you need to put that extra bit of pep in your step!

The brand new video for Go Hard (from their EP, Pencils Not Pistols) by Imperial and KINETIK finds Imperial playing the role of a makeshift Mr. Motivator and KINETIK as the out of shape couch potato. Throughout the clip, you will see both embarking on an impromptu training session throughout the streets of London; jogging past famous landmarks, doing stretches in the park and even shadow boxing as passers-by look on in bewilderment.

Despite the blindingly bright headbands, protruding bellies and smuggled chicken nuggets; the message remains clear – keep working towards your dreams and don’t stop until you reach your goals.

Witness the fitness as Hip Hop meets The Krypton Factor in this hilarious yet inspiring video.

Imperial: Half of me wants to be a serious musician. The other half wants to run around London in a sweatband.

KINETIK: I’m just glad that I didn’t have to do chin-ups in the video. That would’ve been messy.

Video directed by Agnes & Lupus and edited by Nitevisions.

Video: Imperial and KINETIK “Go Hard (feat. Tone Richardson)”