Cash Hollistah “goRilla: The Remixes” Listening Session

Cash Hollistah and Sphere of Hip Hop have teamed up to offer you an advance preview of “goRilla: The Remixes” which releases Tuesday February 18th.

Last spring, Cash Hollistah decided to release the stems to “goRilla.” as a result of that, there were over 35 remixes made by artists, producers and DJ’s across the country!

After being dubbed the “‘Air Jordan’ of 2013” by One Accord DJ’s, Cash decided to compile a few of the remixes and make a remix project. “goRilla: The Remixes.”

The release features guest verses from KJ-52, Social Club, KamB.I.N.O., Milliyon, among others, as well as remixes from Black Knight, DJ Aslan, DJ Sematic, Freddie Bruno, Redd Lettaz and more.

“goRilla: The Remixes” will be available as a “name your price” download at both:

100% of the proceeds will be donated to Help Them Win, which is an organization dedicated to help people and businesses win through giving, teaching and inspiring.

Stream: Cash Hollistah “goRilla: The Remixes”