Bloodmoney “The Art of Self Destruction” (album stream)

Bloodmoney is the fusion-sound of soap-boxed preaching and underground Hip Hop. He spits lyrics with futuristic paranoia, and social commentary. The combination creates music as a catalyst for internal movement. A revolution that speaks to all ages and social backgrounds, his words resonate in any internal struggle. Bloodmoney rose from the streets of New York and has been perfecting his sound for 20 years as an MC as well as a producer. With this amount of experience Bloodmoney has been able to perform, and work with national acts such as, BusDriver, 2mex, Blu and Exile, Blueprint & Illogic, Vast Aire, Emanon, Mars ILL, Listener and Pigeon John.

This one is for fans of that avante garde lyrical vibe. Bloodmoney (fka Relentless) has been around for about 20 years and is a long time friend of SOHH.

Stream / Download: Bloodmoney “The Art of Self Destruction”


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