Eshon Burgundy “For God’s Sake” (album download)

New project from Eshon Burgundy. “For God’s Sake: A Brief Perspective on American Streetlife” released today via Humble Beast and is a free download.

For God’s Sake: A Brief Perspective on American Streetlife track list
1. Intro (feat. Jay Harris) (God’s Gift Freestyle)
2. Exodus 23:1 (Exodus 23:1 Freestyle)
3. Lord Knows (Exhibit A Freestyle)
4. Let Down (Let Nas Down Freestyle)
5. Look Back (feat. Tandeace) (Hometown Freestyle)
6. Back to Life (feat. J.R.) (Diced Pineapples Freestyle)
7. Interlude
8. It’s Deep (BBS Freestyle)
9. Push Thru (Push Thru Freestyle)
10. Foolishness (I’m A Fool Freestyle)
11. They Don’t Know (Trynna Get Me One Freestyle)
12. Gold Champagne (feat. C.H.R.I.S., Jeremiah Bligen, J. Johnson & Reflect) (The Ghost of Christopher Wallace Freestyle)

Mixed by Wit except for track 2 mixed by Eshon Burgundy and track 5 mixed by BMI.

Download: No longer available


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