Cas Metah & Mouf Warren “Analog Amazon x Defizit” (album download)

Free EP Download from Scribbling Idiots members Cas Metah & Mouf Warren via Illect Recordings.

Scribbling Idiots is a crew of emcees and producers who is always mixing and matching different artists together to create new projects. It all started with JustMe and Cas Metah pairing up back in 2004. Since then we’ve seen several different combinations come together. In 2010, via their subscription service, the crew released several different projects, two of which in particular came from the duo known to you now as Analog Amazon. Fans raved of how Cas Metah and Mouf Warren complimented each other so well they decided to release a brand new project for free to say thanks for all the support!

Rather than continue “The Book Of Five Rings” series, the Ohio bred duo decided to work with only one producer this time around. In came Stockton, California native, Defizit. It’s gritty boom bap from the heart, plain and simple. From clever punchlines and reminiscing on the days of childhood, to attacking the mass media and reflecting on their personal lives, it’s all here courtesy of Illect Recordings.