The Runaway releases new album, “Saturday Sunrise”, produced by S1

The Runaway is back with his latest release, “Saturday Sonrise”, a hip-hop collaborations project that is built like a 70s soul record. But the artist, known for infusing spoken word, folk and soul influences into his music, believes this is more than a soul record, it is soul refreshing. Produced by S1 (Strange Fruit Project), Saturday Sonrise sees The Runaway collaborating with several artists, all around one central theme – Saturday.

“While Sundays are often seen as the conventionally ‘spiritual’ day, I find Saturdays to be a great day to connect with God – whether it’s spending time with family, to performing music, to chillin’ with the homies. The day can be so spiritually refreshing and a reminder of the God’s desire for relationship with us.”

The project utilizes a recording method similar to classic soul records, with variety of mics and an emphasis on ‘one take’ recordings to capture a feeling over an extremely polished sound. The 10-track EP contains 14 features including theBREAX, Manchild, Relic, Elias, ILL Seer, Relic, Clutch, & Die-Rek.

Stream the album below and visit Bandcamp to support.


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