Sphere of Hip Hop podcast: Christmas mix by DJ Stibs

Special episode! It’s a Christmas mix brought to you by DJ Stibs and Sphere of Hip-Hop.

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Sphere of Hip Hop podcast: Christmas mix by DJ Stibs (MP3, 60MB, 31:23)

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In this Episode
Caramel Skillington, DJ Because, DJ Stibs, Elias, Imperial, L.A. Symphony, MG! the Visionary, Moses Uvere, Page One, Scribbling Idiots, Sintax the Terrific, Sivion, Theory Hazit

Play list:
1. James Brown/Carla Thomas “Hey America/Gee Whiz It’s Christmas”
2. L.A. Symphony “Christmas Song”
3. Scribbling Idiots “Jingle Bell Knock”
4. Page One, Theory Hazit, MG! the Visionary and DJ Because “We Three Kings”
5. Moses Uvere “Best Night”
6. Imperial “Time of the Year”
7. L.A. Symphony “It’s Christmas”
8. Sintax the Terrific “Immanuel”
9. Sivion “Celebrate the Son”
10. Caramel Skillington “Salvation’s Army”
11. Sintax the Terrific “Snow Day”
12. Sintax the Terrific “Lament of the Diamond Star”
13. Elias “Maria”
14. Dj Stibs “Christmas Time Is Here (Outro)”

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