Japhia Life releasing “Westside Pharmacy” album November 20th

It is indeed happening and the record sounds fresh. Check out the sounds below if you need convincing.

Westside Pharmacy is a provocative portrait of personal experiences and maturation. At its core it is a passionate narrative that documents the urban plight and social ills from the vantage point of a young man lost in the world and trying to balance faith, pain, and heartbreak while in desperate pursuit of sanity and peace of mind. Its penetrating street single “Cloud” with its menacing 808’s and minimalistic characteristic is centralized around the theme that many of the massages and ethos communicated in hip hop culture are poisonous. “The Realest” with its ethereal and imaginative sound-scape showcases Japhia awakening from a dream like state and attempting to put his thoughts into real time “I had a dream that I saved Left Eye”. Sonically this album is littered with nostalgia, while simultaneously showcasing progressive sounds. Fans will be sure to get there fix. Welcome to the Pharmacy.

Westside Pharmacy track list
1. Japhia’s Lyric
2. Pitchfork
3. Last Night
4. Lifey’s Revenge (feat. Tena Jones)
5. Phone Call (skit)
6. I’m A Mess
7. Cold Blood
8. Full Moon (feat. David James)
9. Hate (interlude) (feat. REDZ)
10. Dime (feat. Rob Hodge
11. Pimp
12. Dealin’
13. Cloud
14. Letter to Lindsay
15. Small World
16. The Exercise
17. The Realest
18. I Will Watch You

Download Westside Pharmacy on iTunes.