Alert312 “All I See Is Red (spoken word version)” (music video)

Alert312 (formerly known as Alert) drops a spoken word version for their single All I See Is Red.

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“All I see is red rum, Murder on our back lawns.”

ALERT312 is quite aware of the violence that plagues our communities in Chicago. In the most transparent sense, it burdens us – even to hopeless grief sometimes – to see the vicious cycles of brutality plaguing many of the 77 neighborhoods we were born and raised in. Decades deep are the turbulent waters that threaten our city’s peace. Hearing “another one shot” has us recall family, friends and neighbors from past and present that have been directly scarred by violence. These memories tempt us to grow uncaring, cold and indifferent to what has become so common. This is what birthed the lament, “All I See is Red”. Such is the way of sin and broken behavior. Not unique to Chicago of course, such is the way of rebelliousness against God and his law – in all times and places.

“But all I see is martyrdom, Christ’s bloody arms and a prophetic psalm,
Mocking Roman guards and a crown of thorns.
Hearing ‘It is done’, Metaphor(ed) my vision crimson from the Risen Son.”

Media outlets tend to ride the hype in waves. Because of this, many people ask ALERT312 periodically, “What’s up with Chicago? What’s up with all the killing?” Chi-Raq?” Rest assured we ask the same questions, and have for a long time. Our response is this: Many are the ingredients that produce the headlines, many are the needs for reform, but only one can change the heart of a person; the Savior Jesus Christ. A spiritual un-blinding if you will, in the individual. And out of that heart, lasting change effects a community with peace. Our hope is in his power to change people as he has with us and so many. He took violence on the cross to pay for our violence – from Cain to Chicago. Our hope is all will come to know him and be changed from rebellious, vicious hearts into hearts who know Jesus’ forgiveness and peace.

-Boogalu of ALERT312