Clutch and Prophetic Poetic release “Cold Sweat” EP (free download)

There are few new beat-makers in the indie hip-hop scene who are proving as Clutch as the man behind the boards bringing us Cold Sweat: The Remix EP. He’s already had a stint of collaborations with cats like US heavyweights Sev Statik, Freddie Bruno, reSEARCH, Cas Metah, Wonder Brown, Ruffian, NomiS, Afaar, and Sintax the Terrific. With Cold Sweat, he brings us a remix project giving new funky musical interpretations to some of Canada’s dopest rhymes from Shad, Relic, The Runaway, Die-Rek, and his crew, The Custodians. With some freshly placed vocal samples and a healthy lack of fear of redoing classic vibes in a fresh sound, Clutch serves us up next-school hip-hop on the funk tip, making free music fun to be around again. Enjoy.

Track list:
1. Cold Sweat: The Intro
2. Shad “Flawless (Funky Champ Remix)”
3. The Runaway “Voice of the People (Big Playback Remix)”
4. Die-Rek “Remember (Brazilian Groove Remix)”
5. Funky Parents Interlude
6. RELIC “One Plus One (Driving Groove Remix)”
7. The CDN Custodians “So Long Ago (Steady Rock Remix)”

Prophetic Poetic presents Cold Sweat: The Remix EP by Clutch.


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