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The Darke Bros. Track list
1. Nan Knew
2. The Way I Cry (feat. Ruffian)
3. Mind Bender
4. The Same State (interlude)
5. I Know (feat. Lyriz)
6. In or Out (feat. Soul P)
7. Back and Forth
8. Over and Over (interlude)
9. She’s Gone
10. The Struggle (feat. Freddie Bruno and Holmskillit)
11. Hurt (feat. JustMe)
12. Famous Lovers Pt. 2 (feat. Mouth Warren)
13. Bros. on the Run (interlude)
14. Hold On 2012 (feat. Holmskillit)
15. Drowning Man (feat. Copywrite and Elias)
16. Winding Down (feat. Holmskillit)
17. The Yah and the Yang (feat. Tony Campolo)

Beats by:
1, 2, 13 Theory Hazit
3, 6, 10, 12 Vintage
4 Deftone
5 Lil Jay/Majestic Studios
7, 17 MattmaN
8 Hub
9 So Crates
11 JustMe
14 DT of Clan Destined/The VJC
15 J. Rawls
16 Fab da Eclectic

Scratches by:
11 EF Cuttin