2011 Sphere of Hip-Hop Awards – Person of the Year

Matthew “Mistery” Peet
(Brethren / Krosswerdz Australia)

The true impact and legacy of a servant’s efforts often aren’t fully realized until they are gone. It’s a sad reality reinforced daily when great leaders pass on our retire. One of the reasons we include this category in our awards each year is to give some shine to people we think are living legends… a top bloke even.

It’s been a blessing to see the work of the 2011 Person of the Year in person and from afar. There aren’t many individuals involved in hip-hop that look out for others more than they look out for their own interests. Mistery is one of those individuals. He has been a mainstay in the Australian hip-hop scene for over 20 years. Many aspects of the growth of the genre in Australia and the fusion of faith with hip-hop can be traced to his roots with Brethren. When I visited Australia I was impressed at how many people know this guy. He effortlessly remembers everyone and is able to maintain strong relationships that span across culture, language and faiths. His talents extend beyond the mic. He’s an acclaimed graffiti artist with pieces literally scattered across the globe. Possibly his greatest impact is felt amongst those involved with Street University and the Krosswerdz Hip-Hop Church (both based in Sydney). His heart for service and too see people impacted with the Gospel is truly inspiring. We’re honored to recognize Mistery as our Person of the Year.

Art: A graffiti piece he painted in 1991 with fellow artists Andrew Aiken and Julie Pryor. This located in Sydney Australia. This doesn’t even begin to share the talent this guy is blessed with.

I Have A Dream

Music: He’s real nice on the mic too. A track from his upcoming album Way of the Warrior.

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  1. Mistery is easily one the nicest most humble dudes I have ever known. It’s true when you say he puts others above himself…he is a legend and Im proud to know him. Its good to see him get props coz he deserves it.

  2. Yeah Booooiii,

    CONGRATS to Mistery, realest dude over on this side of the equator. Much love and respect to him and the things he’s put in place for those coming up. Mad skillz, mad passion, and mad humble.


  3. Cheers guys. I’m a bit slow on the uptake, just saw this the other day by accident after Wizdm googled me for something else.

    Mad props to the Sphere of HipHop mafioso. Love your work, you guys have made so many people aware of so much dope HipHop globally!

    Not to mention Josh’s dope BBQ skills! Hahahaha

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