Theory Hazit’s “Thr3e” Album Releasing January 10

The album is slated for release on Portland’s Humble Beast record label and features production exclusively from Dert.

Look for guest appearances by B. Reith, Propaganda, DJ Flip Flop, Melanie Rutherford, Colette Chantel & Donavan Luke Henry.

Order your copy of Theory Hazit “Thr3e” at

Theory Hazit “Thr3e” track list
1. Thr3e Intro
2. Find M3
3. What Li3s B3neath
4. Ol D3rty Hazit
5. Int3rlude
6. Angel Pt. 2
7. I N3ed You Mor3 Than 3ver
8. For Lack of a B3tter Word
9. As the3 Day Go3s By3
10. Chang3 Gonna Com3
11. Distort3d Joy
12. Doomsday Insuranc3
13. Jo Jo Danc3r


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