JGivens “Run” (album review)

Indie (2011)
Review by Anthony Perez

There are a bevy of artist in the arena of Christian Hip-hop that are making their presence known, among them is JGivens. JGiven is from Las Vegas and is relatively new in the scene with one previous release, a mixtape, under his belt. His latest project entitled Run, is his newest offering to the world of hip-hop and for all practical purposes his first official release for the masses to consume.

I am not familiar with JGivens as a person but after listening to Run, I can understand him a little more as an artist. It would be an understatement to say that JGivens has a heart for God and is using his lyrical gift to point the way towards Him. You can hear his heart through out the entire CD.

The first track entitled Beginning End, you find JGivens running down a list of names attributed to God and Jesus. This track serves as a run down of the story of the relationship between God and man from the beginning to the end of time and closes the track pointing to Jesus as the “I am.”

The title track Run, is a stand out track. The production has an ethereal sound and it fits JGivens flow like hand to glove. The overall sound and message is great, as we find JGivens urging all to Run to the church and seek God.

Another stand out track is All The Nations. This track reenforces JGivens commitment to the spread of the gospel and encourages the listener to do the same. The production is top notch, the flow and lyrics fit well, the inclusion of I.C, Jones and Info Doc Jones as featured guest bring a complementary sound. The result is a great sounding track.

Freedom is another well produced and well executed track. The sample used in this track merges the sound and the message and JGiven cadence and style round out to create a great sound. On a side note, the sample brings back a nostalgic feeling as it reminds me of Mos Def’s “Miss Fat Booty”.

The last track Warrior King, is another excellent example of top notch production, great lyrics and impeccable flow, not to mention that listening to this track gets your blood flowing, your heart thumping and your adrenaline through the roof.

Over all, JGivens shows a great wealth of potential in his delivery and lyricism. You can feel his passion and his heart through his music. It is my opinion that his two biggest missteps are, production and subject matter. When it comes to production, I felt like it varied in quality and in style. There were some tracks that have a more organic or stripped down sound that were not the best fit for his vocal tone, flow and cadence. Make no mistake, when the production is right JGivens shines through and the product is excellent. Subject matter also becomes a tripping point for JGivens. There are a couple of tracks that can be somewhat interchangeable with regard to the topic. I am sure that as He continues to explore, live and experience more in life His subject matter will expand accordingly.

For fans of: Eshon Burgundy, Mouthpi3ce


  1. Same for me, I love it,too. Keep it up!
    By the way, is there a way to get the lyrics? As a GerMan, there are some important parts I didn’t get completly.

  2. glorifying God with his God-gifted talent. love how he is sharing God’s blessings to shine the light, only for Christ’s sake. Praise God and keep praising the Lord, jgivens. praying for ya~

  3. A little late on this but I really enjoy JGivens delivery and flow – Warrior King has been a highlight for me. Grateful to have discovered this emcee. His bear is awesome too 😉

  4. dang it – beard* beard is awesome haha – I suppose if he had a bear too that would be awesome as well – and might make you need to “Run” – ok that was lame – nice try though right haha

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