113 Baptized at Crossover Church One Year Celebration

Sunday November 6th was Crossover Church’s celebration of being in their new facility for one year. Crossover is internationally known as the home of the Flavor Fest conference, Soulmag and led by Pastor Tommy “Urban D.” Kyllonen. God has done amazing things in the past 12 months. When they first moved in the congregation wrote names on the concrete floor of the main auditorium. These names were people that they were praying would come to know Christ. A few weeks later the floor was covered with carpet. On November 6th there were several people standing in those same spots giving testimonies of the people they prayed for who were now there at church with them following Christ. One woman had written her friend’s name who was in prison. Her friend got out of prison, started a relationship with Christ and was getting baptized that day… and after he got baptized he asked her to marry him! She said yes!

Pastor Tommy shared at the beginning of his message that there were going to be many people that were going to be part of the water baptism and they didn’t even know it yet. At the end of the service he gave a challenge for people to publicly proclaim their faith in Christ the biblical way through water baptism. Only 35 people had signed up, but it was a true move of God as 113 people responded. Everyone then moved outside to the very front of Crossover’s parking lot as they had 2 tanks, a stage and bleachers right next to the 8 lane street to baptize everyone. Thousands of cars were passing and several even stopped to see what was going on. Reggae artist Benjah then did a live concert from the outside stage after the baptisms. Continue to pray for Crossover Church’s inner-city work and the 113 people who were baptized as they continue to grow in their relationship with Christ.