Gifted Da Flamethrowa to release “BullDoze City” album

Gifted Da Flamethrowa is back with a new distribution deal and album BullDoze City.

Releasing September 20th on Praise Immortal/iMG/Universal Distribution, the album features production from Crazy C (OutKast, Goodie Mob, Method Man), k-Drama (Flame, Lecrae), DJ Ice Mike (Mystikal, Tre8), Bruce Bang (Kelly Rowland, Devin Da Dude), D Walla (Curren$y, YukMouth), Jimmy Natural (Level 3:16, theBREAX), Humble Modesto and Trigga.

The album also features guests including: Brian Angel of Day26, Zeeda, Dre Murray, Bizzle, VonWon, Martay, Front Line, Watchman, 007, Tre9, Yaves Street Pastor, Govenor and more.

BullDoze City track list:
1. Lynette Speaks
2. Giving Em Nothing (feat. G LockiT)
3. The Message (feat. Denzil)
4. Fighting Against Life (feat. Bizzle, Dre Murray, Watchman)
5. Reaper on Me
6. Gone Get It (feat. Kia)
7. Problems (feat. VonWon)
8. BullDoze City
9. Nothing 2 Lose (feat. Trevor Lee, Shiny Darks)
10. No Indeed (feat. Nee)
11. Lady T (interlude)
12. Greatful (feat. TL James)
13. Hey Girl (feat. Cory Wallace)
14. Horns Blow (feat. Tre9, FrontLine, Hilary)
15. Hands of Time (feat. Heather, Yaves Street Pastor)
16. UnAshamed (feat. Govenor)
17. Movement Music (feat. 007, Pastor Mukes)
18. The Way (feat. Martay)
19. I Can’t Believe (feat. Brian Angel of Day26)
20. Get it Started
Bonus track
21. BreakOut – Zeeda (feat. Trevor Lee)