Poetic Pilgrims release new album “Fragments”

New material from the Canadian crew Poetic Pilgrims. Each song carries the heart of the Pilgrims, with catchy beats, intelligent rhymes and genuine soul. Join the Poetic Pilgrims as they invite you into a 10-song journey that will leave you wanting more..

Track list
1. A Pilgrim’s Tomb [beat by Kwest, cuts by Parab Poet]
2. Fragmented [beat by Kwest]
3. Little Eyes feat. Braille [beat by Kwest]
4. Le’ Go My Ego [beat by Parab Poet]
5. Mind Full [beat by Kwest]
6. Stick Together [beat by Kwest, cuts by Parab Poet]
7. Finger Writing feat. Manchild [beat by Kwest]
8. Escape [beat by Parab Poet]
9. Sicklical Truth feat. Kaboose [beat by Kwest]
10. Rapping It Up [beat by Kwest]

Download: Poetic Pilgrims – Fragments