Cas Metah “Nine From ’09” available now

Cas Metah recently dug into the vaults to pull out some under-heard tracks from his musical catalog. He says, “This isn’t an official project. These nine songs were all previously released during my 2009 Cas Metah Monthly subscription service. I appreciate everyone that supported that, but this is for fans who may have missed that, or for whoever really. I hope it makes your heads nod!”

Track list
1. All Set Up feat. DJ Ginsu
2. Just Did It
3. Careless Whispers feat. Mouth Warren
4. Mick Swagger
5. Way Back feat. Holmskillit & Theory Hazit
6. Ain’t No Use
7. Un Sense Heard
8. Take Me Alive
9. Blue Lightning feat. Mouth Warren & Shaw Bihl


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