Mr. J. Medeiros “Saudade” available for pre-order

“Rare is it when an artist, especially in the overly macho realm of Hip Hop music, can convey a variety of emotions and ideas that don’t border on the line of becoming mawkish. This elusive accomplishment was flawlessly demonstrated by Mr. J. Medeiros.” – Okayplayer

This album is scheduled for a June 14, 2011 release and will immediately ship upon arrival from distributor.

Formats available: CD

Track list
1. Fear And Safety feat. Bekah Wagner
2. Saudade
3. The Weak End
4. Nothing Without Providence
5. Depression Is A Liar
6. Stand Down feat. A Mouse Named Wolf
7. I’ll Take It
8. Swallow feat. Logan
9. The Sailor
10. So feat. J Kyle Gregory
11. Neon Signs feat. Stro
12. Serious feat. Stro
13. This Is Not A Home
14. Shower Curtains feat. J Kyle Gregory

Release Date: June 14, 2011
Label: De Medeiros

Similar Artists: The Procussions, Hocus Pocus


  1. I love the artwork! It reminds me of something from a pink panther cartoon! Yep, I could definitely see Mr. Panther typing away on that typewriter.

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