Q&A with CookBook

Contributed by Youngdo (Ill Breaks Crew)

Youngdo: Who’s Cookbook and what crews or peoples are you a part of?
CookBook: CookBook is the original west coast Puerto Rican, born and raised in big L.A.! Came up in the L.A. Symphony, roll with my man UNO Mas, down with inDJnous my DJ, from Technicali, & my man MC Prototype.

Youngdo: What is the concept of the song?
CookBook: The only real concept of the song is high energy and fun. I make a few statements about how I feel about the climate of indie hip hop in the song, mostly from my experience in it, but it’s all done in a very fun, energetic manner.

Youngdo: Man, I’m jealous of the Cali weather. What is the concept of the video?
CookBook: I wanted something high energy for the video. Rif figured since I’m a skater, that we should do something skate oriented. He came up with the idea of me stealing the dude’s skateboard, and getting chased by his homeys throughout, then me leading them to a killer skate spot, and them being down with me after. I loved the idea, and I think we executed it exactly how we visualized it!!!

Youngdo: What do you see the connection between hip-hop and skateboarding to be?
CookBook: I think there is so much connection between hip hop and skateboarding ’cause they both started as such counter-cultures, and have the ability to still be that, while being mainstream as well. I grew up a hood skater, meaning a bunch of Blacks & Latinos in the hood, skating, and listening to hip hop. We were Odd Future before Odd Future was Odd Future! (Big ups to those guys!!!)

Youngdo: Why did you decide to bring out a mixtape and what is the theme, if any, behind it?
CookBook: This mixtape is something I really wanted to do, to be able to do everything I love about hip hop all in one project. It also is promotion for my new album that will drop on July 12th. Guaranteed to be my best work yet, with some big surprises!!!

Youngdo: For those that don’t know, who is DJ Revolution?
CookBook: If you don’t know who DJ Revolution is, then you shouldn’t claim to be a hip hop fan! He only was part of the longest running hip hop shows ever, the world famous wake up show with Tech & Sway (from MTV). That barely scratches the surface of what he’s done! He’s a legend!!! Do your homework, kids!!!

Cop the mixtape at www.asbrecords.com


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