Sho Baraka News About Decision To Leave Reach Records

This just broke hours ago… Below he explains the decision and a bit of what is next.

“Around this time, one year ago, I released my second album Lions and Liars under Reach Records. Four years ago, I officially became an artist on the label, although my friendship with all the artists and staff predates that time. Today, I bring news that is exciting, yet surprising and full of uncertainty.

I will no longer be an artist on the Reach Records label. It’s been a wonderful four years doing business with the Reach organization, and it’s also been a pleasure to communicate the center of our joy via Hip Hop. Through the years I have established friendships that will last a lifetime, both Reach Records artists and staff.

I would like to extend my utmost gratitude to all who support my music and the other artists at Reach. I trust that the LORD will establish my plans as I commit my work to him.

It would be imprudent of me to think that this post would not bring speculation as well as gossip. I would encourage the reader to not pull out assumptions or exaggerations. That being said, here are a couple of things I would like to communicate:

* I will still be an artist with Reach Booking and travel on certain group dates w/ other Reach artist through 2011.
* I will continue to do concert dates and events through 2011.
* I will be featured on Reach projects that will be released in 2011.
* If you have any desire to stay afloat with some of my dealings go to

The end of the matter; all has been heard. Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man.”

Grace and Peace,

Amisho Baraka L.


  1. At the end of the day you have to follow God’s leading so the journey begins. As long as He is leading you the best days are always ahead of you. Congrats.

  2. Yo! I heard Baraka put Trip Lee in a headlock and beat up Toby Mac. (I’m just kidding, but I’m sure worse rumors will come on) Sho will be successful no matter where he goes. Lions and Liars was nice, can’t wait for the next full album.

  3. It will be quite interesting to see what God has in store for Sho. It is a shock to hear that he is, at least professionally, seperating from a unit that seems like family. Therefore, it must be the Lord’s leading to something no one can probably expect. Sho… follow God and continue to be a light.

  4. I feel really ignorant that I’m so late, but my brother Sho Baraka is doing well thanks to God. Wish he was progressing in the music industry though… But, hey; God called him to a mission that may not be what we have in mind.. Bless his heart and family…†

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