Help Mr. J Medeiros Release His Next Album Saudade

My Story
I have been rapping and putting out records since 2000. My career includes forming the Hip Hop group,The Procussions, which produced music from 2003-2006, released two albums independently, and then signed to Rawkus Records for our final album, “5 Sparrows for 2 Cent’s”. I went solo in 2007 after the group and I found it was near impossible to survive within the changing times of free music and failed record label practices.
My first album “Of gods and girls” was signed to Rawkus Records, and though my lead single, “Constance”, (Raising awareness on the sexual abuse of children) made a fairly large impact on the Hip Hop community, the label was still involved, making it impossible to live off it’s exposure.

I am grateful my music can play a part in so many people’s lives, non-profit campaigns, and just the general push to raise awareness of those in need. I feel a natural responsibility as a rapper to create art that reflects Hip Hop’s most unique contribution- the voice of the oppressed. However, there is a disturbing truth found at the crossroads of art and commerce, it’s the realization that before the music can reach the listener it must be filtered through a capitalistic system where only the strong survive. (strong= dollar amount)

If strength was measured on ones love and experience in their craft, instead of ones craftiness to make money at any cost, we may have a very different culture today. As you and I have seen, this is not the case, instead the music, the artist, and the fans, sit and wait while the “system” wedges itself between them, taking from us both and giving little back. I pulled my rights and records off Rawkus, only to find myself sitting on another label for two years waiting for my sophomore album, “Friends Enemies Apples Apples”, to drop. This album was my only love at the time and it was held captive be an “artist run- label” who promised they “…treat their artists different” because “they understood what artists go through.” After some legal wrestling I left with my music and integrity intact- but I lost those two years.

I started my own label, De Medeiros, with no money and a hope that I could provide music directly to my fans without that “wedge” between us. I am using this site because I believe there are people out there who want to see a change in the music industry. I believe it’s possible to record music, distribute albums, and tour, without having to beg a corporation for the opportunity. There has never been a better time to work side by side with the people I make music for. I want to offer up my label, De Medeiros, to my fans, and I do so while finishing my most personal musical work to-date, “Saudade”. I have spent the last year and a half producing, writing, and recording this album with friends and family. I have received artwork and even a music video with little- to- no- cost and have secured a distribution deal with Fatbeats based on the music so far. But It’s only the beginning, it needs so much more, it needs you! There are a lot of costs to cover before this album is finished and if we are going to try and have a release this year, with a tour, we need to get moving!

The Impact
Your investment will make it possible to release the new record “Saudade” on June 14th. It will cover recording costs, manufacturing, marketing, promotion, and touring. Yes, TOUR- it’s been four years since I last toured the U.S. and the funding of this record can help sponsor a show in your city! The more support, the more I am able to put into a show, but if I gotta do a show with a Mic and an iPod I will do it!

What We Need
As mentioned above, we need 5,000 dollars in 60 days in order for this album, “Saudade”, to see it’s June 14th release date. I don’t want to mislead anyone into thinking this is a normal amount to record and market an album- it’s not, 5,000 is a very low number. It usually takes at least 15,000 to get an album out the door (bare minimum) and this does not cover ANY living expenses. We are hoping that with friends and family contributing their time and talents we may be able to make up in effort what we can’t afford. We are also hoping we can make over and above our goal- ha.

* 1,000- Recording, Mixing, and Mastering Costs, including bonus/exclusive material (“Saudade” was written by myself and produced by my team “The Stare”, however recording and mastering took a lot of time and money still to be paid + there are still 4 songs left to finish)
* 2,000+ (I will cover the rest of the fee)- 3 Month marketing campaign, including music video promotion (Working with S.A. Media for a 3 month web and print campaign)
* 1,000- Music video, web-design, artwork, and merchandising (Music video for lead single in production now, directed by Tyler King and featuring Stro)
* 1,000- Manufacturing (Working with Fatbeats for pressing and distributing)

Notice these costs don’t mention “tour”? Well, my friends, family, and I are working to-the-bone to make up for the other expenses, which can hopefully free up some opportunity to tour. The 5,000 dollars is just enough to put this record out and into your hands June 14th. Our hope is that we can generate enough sales to get me on tour! I know 60 days is a short period of time to ask for more- but if we can make it past our goal- lets!

What You Get
My new album “Saudade” on June 14th! Written by me, produced by “The Stare”, and released by YOU on De Medeiros LLC.

Also, depending on the package you choose, here are some of the things we are offering:
* Digital copy of “Saudade” a week before it’s release date
* Signed Hard-copy of “Saudade” sent by me, delivered to your door, with handwritten “Thank You” card
* Poster
* Any prior album of your choice (in hardcopy)
* Exclusive merchandise and material
* Limited “Saudade” T-Shirt
* Exclusive chat with Mr. J. Medeiros (me) skype, aim, phone, etc.
* Your name in a song- yep a song. I know a lot of musicians offer up a spot in their liner notes- but how about a song? Send me your name and a little something about yourself and I’ll work it into one big “Thank You” song, produced and recorded for that purpose only.

I will keep you updated on the progress of this campaign via, youtube, my site, facebook, and/or twitter, weekly!

Any questions?
Ask away on the Mr. J Medeiros Facebook wall.
Visit to watch the recording process!
Follow Mr. J Medeiros on Twitter for updates!

Visit the support page for Mr. J Medeiros on


  1. This cat gets all the props in the world for this man, I really hope you get that $5000k I would definitely contribute more If I was not already spending about $3000 of my own money backing up Ifunds #2 record! Much blessings man!!


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