2010 Sphere of Hip-Hop Awards – Mixtape of the Year

Mixtape of the Year

KJ-52 – Stuck in the 80’s Mashup Mixtape

KJ-52 takes us back through the 1980’s by mashing hits such as Billie Jean, Daft Punk, Devo and other favorites. Nice, catchy raps with brilliant production make this mixtape one not to miss. Over 30 and taking a road trip soon? Well, pop this one in, nod your head and reminisce.

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  2. You can’t be serious about this choice. All songs have a lenght of 30-90 seconds. The Gallery Drive Mixtape was awesome. I heared it for hours. Great beats, raps and lyrics. KJs Mixtape is a pure commercial gag.

  3. Hey Joszef – Word man, thanks for your feedback. My first place vote was actually for the Jin mixtape. I didn’t have the KJ mixtape in my top 5 for various reasons but at the very least it was maybe the most widely heard… well, after Jin anyway.

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