2010 Sphere of Hip-Hop Awards – Album Artwork of the Year

Album Artwork of the Year

Sivion – Butterfly Sessions beats by Dert
Illect Recordings

In the age of downloads and free music, the album cover has gotten lost in the shuffle. When not as much physical product is being bought, you tend to lose the desire to put a lot of work into something that might not be seen. Thankfully some artists still take this seriously and this year Sivion had the most creative and appealing cover in our scene. A black and white picture of the artists face was the background to a full colored butterfly over top of his mouth. That might not sound that great but when you see the cover it really works. The EP was called Butterfly Sessions and the artwork was entwined with the music to make this product a complete package.

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  1. R2DJ – I appreciate your candor, bro. Any one of the finalists could have won. I was just honored to even be nominated, if you wanna know the truth. But Jae Choi really captured the essence of what I was looking for perfectly in this cover. Props to Jae for the design and Jon Madison on the Photography. No doubt.

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