2011 New Year Resolutions for Christian Hip-Hop Fans

I thought that I’d write up a few for the fans. Happy new year!

1. Support the Scene
It almost becomes cliche to say “support” but it really does make a meaningful impact when you do.

What does “support” mean?
a. Praying for those involved in the industry (artist, dj, media, radio, retail, tv etc) is a good start. Catch yourself when you say “I’ll pray for you” and actually do it. Regularly.
b. Lend a hand. Find ways to serve. Chances are you have a talent or skill that may go to good use. Offering your time to someone could make a big impact.
c. Financially sow into people and organizations. It costs someone money to do just about everything. Find ways to help out. Buy music. Go to shows. Support advertisers on your favorite websites. Donate. Those are just a few of the many ways you can financially support those making a difference.
d. Encourage. Some kind and well placed words might be the difference for someone.

2. Discover New Artists
We’ve all got our favorite groups, record labels and styles that we tend to gravitate towards. Don’t be afraid of checking out something new. Green beans are dope but so is broccoli. Give it a shot.

3. Join the Movement with Us
A while back we added a list of 30 Things You Can Do To Support Sphere of Hip Hop. This is less about you simply spreading the word about Sphereofhiphop.com and more about joining together with us to get news about everyone out to more people.

Check out the 30 Things list for some ideas of how to get involved.

Happy 2011 and thank you for all the support of Sphereofhiphop.com.


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