Fab da Ecelectic to Release Bombshell Album

Bombshell is a new project dropping February 15th, 2011 from noted producer/artist Fab da Ecelectic. Featured guests include: Jordan Santana, Wonder Brown, Elias, Runaway, Element Zero and a few others.

What will it sound like? Think Gnarls Barkey meets Pigeon John meets Fab da Eclectic. Check out the track “Change in my Pocket” as featured on Sphere of Hip-Hop Podcast episode #61.


  1. This sounds interesting. Look at that cover art!! Who the heck did THAT?! Its really sweet. Kinda like an 80’s pop rock vinyl album cover.

  2. I’m looking forward to this. I’ve heard about that Runaway track. Should be fun to hear! Is Chance In My Pocket on this album? I thought it was on his last project he brought out.

  3. Thanks guys. I appreciate the support! Change In My Pocket will definitely be on this release.

    Conduct, I did that design myself. The cover art is of Brock’s Bonneville Bombshell and was sent personally to me by Jeff Brock himself, the builder of the car!

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