Annual Holiday Music Sale Update

The Annual Holiday Music Sale is winding down but… there are piles of great deals still available. We’ve got almost 700 items in stock and most have been marked down for this special music sale.

A few of the deals include…

Hooded Sweatshirt – Sphere of Hip Hop ($12 off)
Mind The Rap T-Shirt ($10 off)
Sphere of Hip-Hop T-Shirt White or Grey ($10 off)
Sphere of Hip Hop Logo T-Shirt Black, Blue or Green ($5 off)

Combo Deals
Peace 586 – aBle Hoodie combo ($8 off)
Peace 586 – aBle T-Shirt combo ($8 off)
Sivion – Butterfly Sessions beats by Dert T-Shirt combo ($8 off)
Theory Hazit and Toni Shift – Modern Marvels Ltd. Edition T-Shirt combo ($8 off)

CD Deals
Find over 300 items on sale at the following links. Many releases are as much as $10 off.
Holiday Sale Page 1
Holiday Sale Page 2
Holiday Sale Page 3

We’ve also got limited quantities of select items in the Closeouts and Bargains section as well.