Sintax the Terrific and Beat Rabbi to Release Qoheleth

The rumors were true. Beat Rabbi and sintax.the.terrific did a meditation record. It’s based on the wisdom literature, Ecclesiastes, or “Qoheleth.” Qoheleth means “preacher” or “teacher.” It is translated as “ecclesiastes” in our English Bible. Qoheleth is related to a Hebrew verb which implies assembling without regard to purpose.

Rabbi produced this collection of beats years ago with the idea of possibly releasing them as an instrumental record. Later, he approached me about writing a conceptual album around the themes of Ecclesiastes. We finished the initial recording, but somewhere along the way, between family, work, and 10 other projects between us, some of the finishing touches never happened. No serious mix or master. No cuts. But the spirit of the original idea was worth sharing. My homeboy fienix hand painted a cover and completed the fresh artwork. We just thought people might prefer to have a sincere, but less than complete, work, over nothing at all.

So, here it is. The goal was to create a meditative piece with open instrumental spaces for contemplation and prayer. I hope it’s taken in that regard. We’ve associated the songs with the scripture they derive from. God bless you all. Pursuit of experience with the Divine is our most important posture.

Pick up the CD: Beat Rabbi and Sintax the Terrific – Qoheleth


  1. I have really enjoyed this project. It is truly a concept album in every sense of the phrase. Don’t let the disclaimer that it was not 100% mixed and mastered fool you. This is a Deepspace 5 product. Its got a distinctive Beat Rabbi sound and the beats perfectly compliment Sintax’s musings. I couldn’t help but smile the second I heard The Terrif’ come strong on the first track because despite all their downplaying the album still works. Plus you know if Sintax opens his mouth, he’s gonna have something not only thought-provoking but important to say. If anything amidst the album’s organic and middle-eastern flourishes, the project’s slightly “unfinished” feel adds to the concept. One of the highlights of the album for me were the intro verse Sintax spits in “Upward Mobility” which rivals Mars Ill’s “Pirate Radio” in my mind for great introductory verses. Another great moment in the album came when Sintax makes a nod to John Brown in a verse about corruption, social activism, the Church and the State. Whether you want a short album to help you put the Book of Ecclesiastes into context or you’re searching for something dope to nod your head to while riding the train, this album is a good choice.

  2. “Sensational” ;), “Tremendous”, “Ingenious”, “Distinctive”, and “Album of the Year”. This album exceeded my expectation by 1000% Sintax/Beat Rabbi bring their A Game. How did I sleep on this? Don’t let it fly under the radar. This needs a proper review and push. We need more records like this driving Hip Hop. I would love to see this team collaborate on another book of the Bible. Glory to God.

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