K-Drama – We Fit: The Workout Plan

Cross Movement Records (August 10, 2010)
Review by Joshua G.

Tagged with the moniker K-Drama, Regis Jones offers his sixth solo effort in August 2010 with We-Fit: The Workout Plan. The latest from Mr. Jones is not a certified street classic like BoomBaptism, but has excelled leaps and bounds from his intro into the Hip-Hop underground back in 2001 with Threat to Society. Instead of becoming played-out and stale over his nine-year career, experience has strengthened K-Drama’s lyrical flow continuously when he spits theological fire on most tracks and on many 16-bar gifts to other artist’s compilations.

This may be a choice for the workout iPod to accompany someone to the gym serving as motivation when one more bench press or one more lap just doesn’t seem possible. Unfortunately, a street banger; this is not. If you’re looking for something to rattle your speakers and to lean back and relax with; maybe another route should be suggested in checking out the likes of Sean Slaughter, Lecrae, Eshon Burgandy or any of his fellow Cross Movement representatives. After all, the theme of the record is working our souls out to help us grow spiritually. The workout DVD-esque overtone follows more of a techno or cheesy workout DVD ‘make you sweat’ joint. Such is evident even from the first single released off of the production called Holistic (watch video). The difference in styles continues on The Power Team and makes one scratch his or her head wondering what concepts the production team were after?

The overall outline for the project seemed like a brilliant idea. What fan doesn’t like a whole bunch of tracks, 18 in fact, and a buffet of guest appearance from the likes of Humble T.I.P., CMO, D-Maub, and Willie Will? Clever and overflowin’ with creativity has always kept K-Drama a fan favorite for nearly a decade. Certified bangin’ tracks like Air Jordan – Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy – Let Freedom Bang are geniuses behind wordplay and straight-up just enjoying himself on a mic. On We-Fit, K-Drama takes advantage of the success behind Nintendo’s Wii Fit and the whole workout blow-up experience and applies a Hip-hop twist. God’s love, encouraging Word, and expected obedience is tattooed throughout nearly every lyric; beginning with the track titles. Nearly all of the 18 tracks play on words such as Die-It, ABnormal, Spot Me, and Bodybuilders.

An example of K-Drama’s lyrical mastery is found vividly on Get Your Weight Up as the listener can reminisce back in the day of Drama’s highlights as one of the finest underground emcees. The flow, the uniqueness with the flute and keyboard sounds; topped off with the echo of Anyone Living Holy mid-track. Definitely hotness throughout the four minutes and thirty-one seconds of heat.

God’s everlasting love letter represented within the Bible is lifted high within K-Drama’s ideas and lyrics even from the name of the project. The Workout Plan speaks to me about how God’s plan is described to us in detail throughout scripture. From 1Corinthians 1:11 in Bodybuilders to Hebrews 12:11 in Get Your Weight Up to even Philippians 2:12 within Sweat It Out; you will not find milky, weak verbalization here. K-Drama can compete to join the ranks of theologian warriors represented with Shai Linne, Flame, Lecrae, and Stephen the Levite.

As nice as the ending cypha was with fellow CMR label mates, the listener feels like muttering; this is the end? The track does not satisfy as a vibrant ending to the 18-track journey through zumba, step-robics and yoga. Maybe a re-order of tracks leaving Stronger on my Knees as the conclusion would had left the listener with a better appreciation for the project’s aim and worth? One way or another, the project was lyrically sound with a few flaws easily fixed next time around production-wise. Not so much repetition in hooks… a little more boomin’ bass… and less sound effects… or even a few less guests to focus on the talents of K-Drama himself. Mr. Jones is one of the bests out there, as we hope to see him continue to grow to bigger and better things with Cross Movement Records (CMR) at his back.

For fans of: Cross Movement, Young Joshua, R-Swift, Mark J, Everyday Process

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