CY – Cirus World Event: The Ringleader Album Download

CY is a creative and unique national recording artist and label producer of Much Luvv Records Inc. He is giving away, for a limited time, free copies of his full album Circus World Event…The Ringleader with added bonus tracks.

CY states, “I have never done this before but I create music for the people and not for sales although God has tremendously blessed me to now be a full time artist and producer. I am currently working on a new album that will hit stores soon titled High Wire Act which will be a sequel to this album so be looking out for it so enjoy this free download and Welcome To The Circus!”

Track listing:
1. Welcome To The Show
2. Circus Tour (featuring J Johnson & R-Swift)
3. Stand Up
4. The Ringleader
5. Back Home (featuring Enock)
6. Been There Done That
7. Trapeze (Interlude)
8. The Flip Side Trapeze (Last First Event)
9. Eternal Ferris Wheel (featuring Mark J & Sean Slaughter)
10. Whatcha Step (featuring Pettidee & Gina Gross)
11. The Parable (The Story of Dre Randolph)
12. Take A Look
13. Heat
14. Struggle (featuring Gina Gross)
15. ShowTime (featuring Tre-9, ColCutz, SOM, ICECE & Mark J)
16. Outro

Free download: CY – Cirus World Event: The Ringleader courtesy (Download no longer available)


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