Peace 586 – aBle

ILLECT Recordings (July 27, 2010)
Review by SSRC

Longevity in Hip Hop is something that has eluded the majority of artists over the years. You could site numerous reasons why that is but I would rather focus my attention on artists that were able to overcome this. Peace 586 is an artist that has found a way not only to stay relevant, but he has also kept Boom Bap alive for over 20 years. Pioneering with early albums such as one half of Freedom of Soul and then producing some of the most important Tunnel Rat releases, Peace 586 has been rapping and producing for longer than most emcee’s life span. Recently, he has kept himself behind the boards more than the mics but what has not changed, is the quality of the music he keeps churning out. Who would have thought in 2010 the masses would be blessed with a beat tape full of hard hitting drums, a spirit of worship and a couple emcee’s that know how to bring it.

Last year Peace released his first beat tape with heAr which wet our appetites on what he could do behind the boards. It was a solid offering with short verse songs that had some listeners wanting more. Peace heard the people and on this beat tape, he cut back on the emcee’s and crafted more complete songs that everyone could get into. What you also notice is that this time around, he let the production speak for itself. It has more of a worship vibe to it as Peace even lends some short spoken words to help focus the listener on his relationship with God. If it sounds different, it really isn’t and I would suggest giving it a listen because it really works.

Peace found the perfect balance in regards to emcee’s and instrumental tracks. It’s a beat tape so you have more music then rapping but the emcee’s break up the beats in a good way and really add to the long player. Peace uses a wide variety of instruments and drums to create some head nodding beats, laid back vibes and music that will take you to another place. Tracks like “Oooh, Oooh”, “Pslam 89” and “Sseneltneg” will not only make you smile but have you lost in the beautiful music that Peace creates. His artistry shines bright in his instrumentals. As always Peace has enlisted his Tunnel Rat family to bless some of his beats and give us the listener, some jewels to chew on for the next couple months. Propaganda, Sev Statik, Jurny Big, Shames Worthy, Griffin and Sojourn all contribute strong verses and keep up their stellar output of music. What might have most people excited is the first preview of The Battery duo which is Peace with mic master Jurny Big. They have two songs on the album and both bang from start to finish.

After repeated listens I can’t help but like this album more and more. You really got a feel for what the artist was trying to let the listener hear. I spoke earlier about Peace talking over some tracks about his praise for the Almighty and I did think it added to the tracks but I know that others might not feel the same. It could take away from the music that he has created and if you were looking for purely beats you might be a little disappointed. Also, if you are not a fan of the Tunnel Rat emcee’s (which I cannot understand) you might find the emcee’s disappointing. They all drop dope verses but again, everyone has different tastes, and Peace sticks to the guy’s he knows will deliver.

Overall, if you are a fan of variety in your beats, strong lyricism and an artist who can always bring his best, then this album is for you. Not only has Peace created a beat tape that will satisfy your hip hop taste buds but he has also given you a release with substance which says a lot. The second installment in his three part trilogy is another gold star in a discography that could be classified as “consistent”.

For fans of: Dert, Tunnel Rats, LPG and Sev Statik