MotionPlus of Scribbling Idiots Releases War Scars EP

MotionPlus of Scribbling Idiots releases a new EP as part of the Scribbling Idiots Monthly. This EP is filled with emotional, and very personal music in a way that only MotionPlus can deliver it. It’s also a new sound for the S.I. crew member.

MotionPlus – War Scars EP
1. Intro – beat by SV
2. Fallen Angel – beat by SV
3. Man Up – beat by Theory Hazit
4. Losing ft. Vandalous & Katerra – beat by SV
5. Camp Fema ft. Vandalous – beat by Capo
6. Stairway To Hell – beat by SV

Check out the War Scars EP at the Scribbling Idiots Bandcamp.


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