Sivion – Butterfly Sessions beats by Dert

ILLECT Recordings (September 7, 2010)
Review by Matthew K.

“Here we go…” Hip-hoppers beware, Sivion is thinking outside the box. For the diehard fans of this talented mind, an EP project will probably not be enough to satisfy. However, it turns out that Butterfly Sessions is just the beginning of something much grander. The follow up EP to Sivion’s last release, Spring of the Songbird, is the first installment in a series of EP that will be released by Sivion, with each new project featuring a different producer. This particular 7 track project could certainly pass as an extension of Spring of the Songbird. Much like its predecessor, Butterfly Sessions brings the smooth sound of Sivion’s vocals over some slick beats, this time provided by veteran producer Dert, to produce an experience that is beyond pleasing to the listener’s ear.

One can’t help but feel a little cooler when listening to anything from Sivion. The silky sounds that are characteristic of pretty much anything he puts out can get heads bobbin’ from even the most stiff-necked of listeners (listen to “Here We Go” and “Everything Is Everything” in particular and try not to get your head moving to the rhythm!). Even his signature saxophone makes an appearance as well towards the end of “Older Now,” adding a personal touch to the already soothing sound of the Dert beats. Plain and simple, hip hop doesn’t sound any better than it does when it comes from Sivion.

To only talk about the sound of Butterfly Sessions, however, would be a grievous mistake and would lead the listener to miss much of what else the project has to offer. Sivion presents a very palpable sense of the here-and-now and the responsibility each of us has to optimize that time. In “Everything Is Everything,” Sivion calls for a proactive lifestyle of those who live in faith to turn away from the gods they might be serving and give back to the world that surrounds them. This track calls into question whom we, the believers, actually serve: our God?, our wants?, our neighbors? Along these same lines, he takes a bold stance in “Life’s Bigger Than You” in challenging the high to be brought low and to experience a very real humility amongst fellow man and God. Don’t mistake Sivion’s smooth delivery for weakness; this emcee knows what truth is and is willing to unapologetically let it be known.

Butterfly Sessions is a soundtrack for personal growth and progression. Staying true to his favored metaphor, Sivion provides for the listener here a collection of songs that can in motivating the believer in digging even deeper into their faith. These are the words of a seasoned emcee, a tried and tested personality, and a wise man of the Lord. Let his words concerning life and how it can be lived faithfully convict you in a personal way in Butterfly Sessions. “Here we go…”

For fans of: Sareem Poems, Sojourn, Braille, Othello, Ohmega Watts, Dert, Deepspace5, Sintax the Terrific


  1. This album is so therapeutic. I love that stretch of songs from “Everything is Everything” to “Do Not Disturb” to “The Inevitable.” Awesome work SIV!

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