NomiS – Rosario Dawson

Indie (July 27, 2010)
Review by Joshua G.

NomiS is a smooth, flowin’ cat from San Diego and the super group of tomorrow, Gallery Drive. Two years have passed since NomiS has branched out on a solo joint, however, the Rosario Dawson EP surpasses all the hype! His first two efforts, Destined Misconception (2004) and Mouthpiece of the Lion (2008) were solid efforts in their own respect. Longevity has added soulful, mature lyrics instead of tired beats and monotone hooks. NomiS found the missing link from his previous works as solid production was added to this project.

NomiS found inspiration for the cover art and title of his EP from an interesting metaphor as he explains. “I remember watching Seven Pounds or something she was in and thinking to myself, ‘She is quite the cute lady. God did a good job with her. She would be nice to know, but I never will.'” NomiS continues, “It’s actually a playful metaphor about people always wanting the things we can’t have instead of just desiring the things we really need.” He has uncovered a profound state of mind to only desire needs instead of wants. NomiS explains on the 10-track EP of the battles back-n-forth between wants and needs.

Throughout his third solo project, NomiS isn’t afraid to bring to surface such topics as defending the voiceless (On Behalf of the Silenced), confronting the unrighteous mix of faith and politics (Dropping Jewels), and milk verses meat-fed Christians (Nobody). Carefully selecting a unique blend of guest appearances, the likes of Cas Metah, Blame One, ManChild, Deadmanwalking, iAMe, and LMNO add wisdom and Christ love to the overall feel of the EP.

Overall, NomiS brings pure heat to your speakers and ears regardless of which track you’re vibin’ to with headphones or in your ride. NomiS lyricism is original and puts the listener in mind of an artist from Reach Records or Lampmode Recordings. Bar for bar, NomiS confidently wears his heart and faith on his sleeve as personal transparency is a redundant theme of this project.”I cordially invite you to the destruction of your fake crown,” spits NomiS on the track Nobody begs us to wonder if we’re fighting for the righteous or personal gain within our lives.

The Rosario Dawson EP is an instant classic! Like the current summer blockbuster movie Inception, NomiS will have you thinking and questioning personal faith for days after listening to any given track. NomiS has developed his own Legacy towards inspiring hearts and souls worldwide, what mark on this world will you leave after your last breath?

For fans of: Gallery Drive, The Breax

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  1. Great review, I would agree except that this is his 4th solos joint. Before Mouthpiece was ‘Together Is Power’. Excellent excellent review.

  2. @bigdsaved – True, I thought about including his 8-track 2006 effort in Together is Power, but thought it was part of his group effort. My bad, as I appreciate the addt’l info. TY for the props though!

    @NomiS – TY for your own approval. You definitely spit lyrical heat!

  3. “Instant Classic” is exactly what this is.. I cant help but bump the whole record whenever I’m feeling in a real hip hop mode.. NomiS is the ill.. I’m thinking of flying out to the west coast to catch him live..

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