LMNO and Theory Hazit – Determined to Fly

Up Above (June 8, 2010)
Review by Matty B

Theory Hazit, and even moreso LMNO, need no introduction in indie hip-hop circles. With the turn of the calendar year to 20-10, LMNO has introduced to us a plethora of new material, in the notable ’10 albums in 2010′ campaign. Determined to Fly marks album of numero 5. Produced in its entirety by the Scribbling Idiot himself, Theory Hazit, Determined to Fly was created entirely via the Internet-age of file transferring. So, start your download and let’s get to it.

Without a shadow of a doubt, Determined to Fly serves as an ode to better days; the golden era of hip-hop. Both LMNO and Theory Hazit set out with a conviction for better beats and for better rhymes (+ LD on the tables), which usually equals better music. This is evident and shines through in tracks like “Boom Bap(tism)” and “Party People” – a display of some traditional back-and-forth verbal bravado between the emcees. However, where there are hits there are bound to be misses as well; see “Head Banger” and “Trouble”. You can bet your bottom dollar that, “Money” is the standout jam here. Here we find the two emcees lamenting, alongside Suzi Analogue, about their lack of allegiance to the almighty dollar.

The verdict is out and Determined to Fly leaves a little something to be desired. Unfortunately, it is hard to delve deep into the project as the majority of the LP sounds like one, big-30-minute-or-so-song-sliced-into-10–different-pieces. Regardless, both LMNO and Theory Hazit are talented enough artists to garner even a lackluster effort worth checking out.

For fans of: LMNO, Theory Hazit, Scribbling Idiots

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